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Is it a good time to visit Siguniang Mountain in Winter

Siguniang Mountain, also called Four Sister Mountain is a very magical and beautiful place. The scenery here is peculiar, but you will have different feelings when you go to the scenic spot in different seasons. So is it fun to go to Siguniang Mountain in winter? Is it safe to go here in winter?  For Siguniang Mountain, what kind of fun attractions are there? We will try to answer these questions from few aspects as per the bellowing:
Siguniang mountainChangping valley
1. Is it fun to visit Siguniang Mountain in Winter?
The answer is absolutely yes.  However, the beauty of winter is really not enjoyed by every body. After all, the weather is still relatively cold. In Winter, Mount Siguniang is exceptionally quiet, the sky is still so blue, the mountains are still so high, and the sun is still so brilliant, it seems that nothing has changed.
If you go to Siguniang Mountain in winter to travel or sit quietly, or do some hiking at Changping valley, a ray of sunlight falls at the foot of the snow-capped mountains and falls among the rolling woods. Some people say that the scenery of Siguniang Mountain in winter is not as good as autumn. For the meadows of Siguniang Mountain, the color of autumn grass is already golden. If it is deep winter, the grassland will be covered with thick snow.

Traveling to Siguniang Mountain in winter, you can enjoy the  great sunshine and watch the blue sky and  watch white clouds dancing in the sky!
In the winter of Mount Siguniang, many hotels are closed  due to lack of tourists. Some hotel in operation will not provide central air-conditioning in order to save expenses, but they can generally provide heating such as electric blankets. It is recommended for  tourists to choose a better hotel with good heating system to stay. Generally speaking, the better the hotel, the better the heating facilities provided, and of course the more expensive one

2. Must see scenic points at Siguniang Mountain
2.1 Changping Valley Trekking/Hiking Itinerary.

Changping Valley is the most typical and beautiful one of the three valleys ( Changping valley, Shuangqiao Valley, Haizi Valley) in Siguniang Mountain. Changping Village is located near the entrance of the Changping Valley, after  7-kilometer walk  will reach  Lama Temple. After passing the Lama Temple, it will be the real Changping Valley Scenic Area. The scenic spot is famous for its snow-capped mountains, pastures, meadows, and virgin forests. Siguniang Mountain is 16 kilometers away from Changping Valley.
The main attractions are: Lama Temple Site, Tangbai Road, Dead Tree Beach, Stone beach, wooden mule, high rock nest, cockscomb stone, Yangmantai, Eagle Rock, etc. Red Changping Valley is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts, because it is an important campsite for climbing the Third Peak 5355m and the  fouth Peak6250m, and it  is also an ideal place for rock climbing and ice climbing. At the same time, Hiking across Changping valley to Bipeng Valley in Li county is one of the 10 classic trekking routes in China. 
Changping Valley Trekking/Hiking and camping
The wooden mule in Changpinggou is an alpine meadow, and  The 4th peak of Siguniang (6250 meters ) is close at hand. This is one of the official campgrounds. If you want to camp at wooden mules, but you can’t or don’t want to carry a heavy load, you have two options.
1. Ride a horse or hire a horse to carry  the backpack
2. Bring only sleeping bags and some essential items. Wooden mules have small wooden houses, about 50-100 yuan a night, and you can spend the night with only sleeping bags.
PS: During the peak season, the horse company only provides one-way service, and cost additional rides and return services can only be negotiated privately between tourists and horsemen. Starting from the Lama Temple, the one-way ride to Erdaoping is generally 30-50 yuan, and it is also 20 yuan more  to get to the dry tree beach. If you want to go forward, you must negotiate a good price with the horseman in advance.  Normally a return for one day cost 300 to 500yuan at peak season.
Changping Valley HikingChangping Valley Hiking
2.2 Shuangqiaogou valley  sightseeing
Shuangqiaogou valley  is about 7 kilometers away from Rilong Town with a total length of 34.8 kilometers. The main scenery in the valley  is dominated by pastures, rivers, plank roads, and woods. From Shuangqiaogou, you can also see more than a dozen snow-capped mountains over 4,000 meters. Shuangqiaogou is the most well developped and running valley among the three valleys in Siguniang Mountain, and it is also the only valley with a tourist shuttle bus. It can be visited by sightseeing shuttle bus in a half day. If you only take the sightseing bus,  the sense of participation of tourists will be less because the most distinctive  Huyuba Plank road will be missed. So it also recommended to do some short hiking in Shuangqiao valley.
Sightseeing time: The journey by car takes about 3 hours (it usually takes half a day to visit Shuangqiaogou)
Shuangqiao valley sightseeingShuangqiao valley sightseeing

2.3 Haizi Valley

Haizigou valley  is 19.2 kilometers long and is named after more than ten scattered lakes. The scenery of Haizigou valley is completely different from t Shuangqiaogou valley and Changpinggou valley. It is dominated by alpine meadows. It is a good place to appreciate Siguniang Mountain peaks and a must pass for many mountaineering enthusiasts to climb the first peak of Sigunaing Mountain- Dafeng peak 5025m.
There are more than 10  lakes in the valley, including Guozhuangping, Chaoshanping, Dahaizi, Huazi, Floating Sea, White Sea, Blue Sea, and Yellow Sea. The lake is crystal clear.
The first half of Haizigou is dominated by alpine meadows, gorges, rivers, and waterfalls, while the second half is dominated by lakes. However, due to the long distance of the entire valley, the altitude of some lakes are very high high (above 4200 meters) ,some tourists can't get there due to high elevation, so some lakes are  not disturbed by outside world, it is  kept as primitive and pure.

The best way to explore Haizigou valley is to ride a horse. Because of the high altitude, even if you eventually "climb" to Haizi District, you probably won't have the strength to walk back to the town. But if you are a true nature beauty lover, it is recommended that you camp overnight in the valley to fully enjoy the beauty of Haizigou.
Siguniang mountain peak climbingSiguniang mountain peak climbing
3. Special notice for Siguniang visit in Winter

The altitude Siguniang town area is above 3000 meters, and there will be more or less high altitude reactions, so after deciding to travel to Siguniang Mountain, it is necessary to prepare for the Rhodiola tablets or diamox to help you to getter acclimatized to the altitude.  Those with high blood pressure, heart disease, or colds should not go there.
Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the scenic area, and tourists with smoking habit are not allowed to smoke when entering the scenic area.
The scenic spot has strong sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays. If you are outdoors for a long time, please wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
Take good care of the plants and trees in the scenic area, pay attention to the environmental protection of the scenic area, follow the arrangements of the administrator, and contact the administrator in time if there is any emergency.
Whether it is winter or summer, you must bring sunscreen, lipstick, and rain gear. The weather in the mountains is changeable.
In summer, bring a thin coat, jacket, and shoes, preferably outdoor travel shoes; in winter, bring a hat, scarf, gloves, thick down jacket, plus down jacket. There are down jackets to rent on the mountain.
When traveling by car to  Siguniang Mountain in winter, remember to bring snow chains.
When traveling in Siguniang Mountain, you need to take a look at the accommodation in Siguniang Mountain. In the peak tourist season, such as the , labor's day,  Golden Week, accommodation is very tense and  it is best to book a hotel in advance.
Mount Siguniang is in a high-altitude area. Strenuous exercise is not suitable. It is advisable to drink less alcohol and eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent altitude sickness. It is best to prepare commonly used drugs and anti-altitude sickness drugs.
There is a large temperature difference between day and night in the scenic area. Please bring enough warm and cold clothing and prepare common medicines.
No matter whether it is a self-guided tour or a group tour in Siguniang Mountain, if you want to save time and save your travel expenses, it is best to participate in a group tour.
It’s best to bring relevant ID documents when traveling, because Siguniangshan Scenic Area can enjoy discounts for specific groups of people

4. Recommended Travel program for Siguniang Mountain
Route 1  Changping valley Hiking and Shuangqiao valley sightseeing

D1: Chengdu to SIguniang town
D2: Changping vallye one day hiking
D3: Shuangqiao valley sightseeing
D4. Siguniang town to Chengdu

Route 2: Mountain climbing
D1 Chengdu- Siguniang town
D2. Hiking to base camp of Dafeng/Erfeng/Sanfeng
D3 Hiking down to Siguniang town and drive back to Chengdu
If time is sufficient, it is recommended to add 1 day to acclimatize  and 1 more day rest in Siguniang town after climbing


Route 3  Hike acrossing Chanping valley to Bipeng Valley
D1 Chengdu to Siguniang town
D2  Hike in Changping Valley to Muluozi base camp
D3 hiking day 2
D4 Hike day 3
D5 Hike day 4 and reach Bipeng valley and drive back to Chengdu

Route 4 Siguniang mountain Shuangqiao Valley Ice Climbing Tour
D1 Chengdu - Siguniang town
D2 Ice climbing trainning
D3 Ice climing trainning and climbing
D4 Siguniang town- Chengdu
If you want to tailormade and inquiry private tour to Sigunaing town or other western Sichuan directions you can contact us by following means
Cell:86-15198028734 or 1355008 4402

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